Common Questions: Card Acceptance

Please read the suggestions below for answers to common questions.

Many employers and human resource personnel like having the peace of mind knowing their employees are turning in an authentic card.

Every card issued by any of the ProTrainings sites will have a unique certificate number on the front below the card holder's name

To ensure there has been no tampering you may, at any time, enter the certificate number to check it against our database.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Online only courses are widely acceptable and even referenced on many workplace and first aid guidance resources.  If you are unsure, you need to ask your employer if online renewal is sufficient. In most cases, completing online training is as good or better than classroom courses. Our online courses give you flexibility to learn at your pace and give you many other features to ensure you fully understand the material.  We even keep you refreshed long after the course with our weekly training refreshers by email.  Look for them each Monday morning in your inbox.

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